Microgreen Growing Guide

Step 1: Prepare your trays.  You will need one 10” x 20” tray with holes and two 10” x 20” tray without holes.  Microgreens can be grown in a variety of different growing mediums.  Pick your favorite or use one you already have on hand!  Options include light potting soil, seedling mix, coconut coir, rock wool or perlite. Evenly spread about 1/2 inch of growing media in the tray with holes (keep the tray without holes underneath).  Moisten the growing media.  The media should be damp but not soggy.  If there is excess water in the tray without holes, dump it out before proceeding.

Step 2: Spread the seeds evenly over the top of the growing media.  Do your best to allow some room between seeds.  

Step 3: Cover the seeds with a very fine layer of growing media, roughly an 1/8 inch.  Use a spray bottle to mist the seeds and moisten the added media and freshly planted seeds.  

Step 4: Use another tray without holes to create a ‘black out’ humidity dome.  Before placing it over the top of the seed tray, spray the inside of the tray with your spray bottle.  This will help to increase the humidity of the growing environment.  Once your tray has been misted, place it over the top of your planted growing tray.

Note: We black out the seeds to encourage the stems to stretch and grow tall.  This allows for an easier and more plentiful harvest.

Step 5: Place the covered tray in a place where it will not get too hot or too cold and will receive ample light once the black out tray is removed in 2-4 days.  Check on the sprouts every day and mist them with water as necessary.  The goal is to keep the growing media moist but not soaking wet.  When the seeds have sprouted, leave the cover on for one more day.  

Step 6: Remove the cover.  Allow the microgreens to gain their green pigment under light.  Once the microgreens have regained their color and have two leaves, they are ready to be harvested! For many varieties, this happens 2-5 days after uncovering them.

Step 7: Cut the stems just above the growing media, wash and ENJOY!

Note: If you plan to reuse your growing media, you may want to purchase a box of Azomite or Kelp Meal to remineralize your soil.  Remineralized growing media will help to produce nutrient dense sprouts.  You will only need 1 TBSP per 10” x 20” tray.  

Hydroponically grown micro greens (those grown in perlite, coco coir or rock wool) may require light fertilization. Consider adding your favorite grow nutrient—FloraGro, Pure Blend Pro Grow, Buddha grow or BioBizz Grow.