Potting Up Seedlings – Tips & Tricks


Potting up seedlings requires careful hands and with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve will be a breeze.


 1. Pot up after the seedling has 1-3 sets of true leaves

    • Plant to pot up your seedlings after they have grown 1-2 sets of true leaves.  Another way to see if the seedlings are ready for a larger container is to lift up their current planter and see if roots are growing through the holes in the bottom of the container.  If you see roots growing out of the bottom of the container, they are searching for more space and are ready to be put in a larger container!

2. Go from seedling mix to potting soil

    • If you want to know more about the difference between seedling mix and potting mix, check out this post.  Using a potting mix at this stage in the game will provide the seedlings with some much needed fertilizer.

3. Add mycorrhizae 

    • Mycorrhizae (also known as beneficial microbes) make associations with plant roots to enhance their health.  Beneficial microbes are involved in nutrient uptake, water uptake and environmental stress reduction.  Adding mycorrhizae directly to the roots upon transplant ensures that the microbes come into contact with the microbes.

4. Choose a container 2-4 inches larger than your current container

    • You will want to give your roots more space but you don’t want to encourage exponential growth.   Certain plants like tomatoes can have their stem buried more deeply at transplanting times so planting them in a larger container may be appropriate.


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