Potato Growing Guide for Container Gardens


Container Preparation:

Start with at least a 10 gallon container.  Larger containers may be used for a better yield.  Keep in mind, smaller containers are likely to dry out more quickly and will need to be watered more frequently.  Green Thumbs has seen the best success in a 15 to 20 gallon pots.  Fill the bottom of the pot with 6-8 inches of potting mix and compost (Malibu’s Compost) or fertilizer (Down to Earth Bio-Fish).  Compost will help the containers retain more water and provide nutrients for the potatoes.



For every 3 gallons of total potter volume, plant one seed potato.  For example, a 15 gallon container could have up to 5 seed potatoes planted in it.  Cover the seed potatoes with 3-4 inches of growing media and water thoroughly.  


In Season Growth:

After the initial planting, allow stems to grow approximately 8 inches tall. At this point, layer more soil on top of the stems.  Be sure to leave 2-4 inches of the stem uncovered so that the remaining above ground leaves can continue to grow and photosynthesize.  



When potatoes begin to flower one can lightly dig around the tops of the plants to harvest new potatoes.  Later in the summer after flowering, the tops of the potatoes will begin to die off.  At this time, use a pitchfork to dig around the perimeter of the potato plant. Gently wiggle the pitchfork back and forth to release the tubers from the soil. Wearing gloves, pull on the stems to release the potatoes from the potter. Wash the remaining soil off of the potatoes and enjoy!!

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