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Our Products

Our Products

Even the best plants need a little help. At Green Thumbs Garden Supply, we carry the best brands for liquid and dry nutrients, soil amendments, growing media, and everything else you need to give your plants the organic boost they need to thrive.

When you need a helping hand, our staff can help. Tap into our over 30 years combined of industry experience with professional and expert advice to get you started as well as to keep you going on your gardening journey.


We carry Liquid Nutrients from the industry’s top brands; General Hydroponics, Botanicare, Emerald Harvest, Roots Organics, Neptune’s Harvest, Canna, and more.


We supply a wide range of the best dry amendments for  building soils.


We offer Bagged Growing Media from highest-rated brands including; Roots Organics, FoxFarm, Mother Earth, Sunshine, Canna and more.


We stock a large selection of general gardening supplies. Seeds, tools, gloves, pots, plants, and so much more.

Need Help?

Not sure what you need? Ask our knowledgeable staff!