There are a few products that I always have in my arsenal for my indoor plants: Neem Oil, Mosquito Bits and Hygrozyme.  


Neem Oil is an excellent organic pesticide for many different plant types (always check the product label before applying any pesticide to any plant). Neem Oil has activity against insects and mite pests like aphids, thrips, mealybugs and spider mites.  Neem oil also has activity against fungal leaf pathogens like Powdery Mildew.   Green Thumbs stocks many sizes of Neem Oil including the convenient ‘Ready-to-Spray’ formulation that requires no mixing! We also carry many sizes of pure Neem oil that may be mixed to specific concentrations.  When in doubt, reach for Neem oil as a first line of defense.  

Mosquito Bits are a bacterial larvicide that helps to control those little bugs that fly around your plants (aka Fungus Gnats!).  Easy to use, people and pet safe makes these an essential for indoor plants.  Simply sprinkle the mosquito bits on top of your plant saucer or anywhere that may have standing water. Mosquito bits may also be soaked in a watering can and applied to the soil.  As time goes on, you will notice less and less of those pesky fungus gnats flying around. If you have an abundance of fungus gnats flying around your plants, predatory nematodes are an excellent choice, in addition to mosquito bits.

Hygrozyme is an enzymatic product formulated to prevent root rot by accelerating the breakdown of dead root matter, in turn allowing your plants to use the nutrients that are in the soil.  Oftentimes our indoor plants remain in the same container for a large amount of time.  During this time, it is normal to have some roots dying and break down of organic materials in the potting mix.  Hygrozyme helps to further break down the enzymes and accelerate the process of keeping the root zone clear.

Add your favorite grow and/or bloom nutrient to your plant care routine and be prepared to watch your plants flourish!

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