As the warmer days beckon, it’s time to embrace the spring fever and dip our toes into spring seed starting! While February is only the tip of the iceberg, there are a few things that should be started this month for robust transplants in the spring. Here are five delightful seeds to sow for now vibrant spring transplants:

  1. Onions: For those situated in Montana, opt for long-day type seeds.
  2. Leeks: These mild-flavored delights are a versatile addition to any garden or kitchen. Start them now for robust, flavorful leeks later in the season.
  3. Pansy/Viola: Bring a burst of color to your garden beds with these cheerful and resilient edible flowers.
  4. Chives: A perennial and a culinary staple with a hint of onion flavor, chives are a must-have herb for every gardener.
  5. Lavender: Add a touch of fragrance and elegance to your garden with the timeless beauty of lavender. Start these seeds indoors now, and by the time spring arrives, you’ll have aromatic lavender plants ready to grace your garden beds or containers.

Stay tuned for a post in March about what to get started next!

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